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  • Own a home
  • Graduate from college
  • Be debt free
  • Retire
  • Vacation

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You will learn tips and tools to keep on track, increase your credit score, reduce debt, and increase savings.

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The information you brought to the students about understanding credit, predatory lending and budgeting was so necessary to the life stage many of these parents are in. Thank you for giving the students your time and expertise.

Some comments from the students:

  • I learned about want vs. need.
  • Budgeting will save a lot of money.
  • I learned how to check my credit.
  • I learned a lot about renting my first apartment.
  • I learned that putting a small amount of money in the bank adds up fast.
  • Saving money from your checks gives money for you in case of emergency.

Thanks so much!

T. Skinner