Our Mission
To create and preserve quality affordable housing opportunities for Northern Michigan residents through education, development, and partnering with local communities.

Northern Homes Community Development Corporation was founded to create and preserve quality affordable housing in Northern Michigan. We are a developer of affordable single-family homes and apartment communities. We assess projects for feasibility, coordinate financing, find appropriate sites for development, and hire building contractors to build or rehabilitate homes. Our specialty is bringing together public grants and private loans to provide quality affordable housing, both rental and home-ownership, for local residents working at local jobs.

We have assisted Northern Michigan communities by creating quality affordable housing, and by helping local businesses by providing financial education classes to their employees. We also prepare families to become home buyers through home buyer counseling, credit education, and budgeting classes. In many cases we work with families for many years before they are able to purchase a home.

Northern Homes CDC believes that families must have accurate information about budgeting, household finances, and home loan products to make good financial decision. We are an approved HUD Housing Counseling Agency with Certified MSHDA Housing Counselors. We also provide foreclosure counseling services and have helped over 1000 families through their crisis. Our services are provided at no cost to families.

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